Before you begin

Before starting your application, make sure you have all the required information and supporting documents.

Title details

The lot on plan description and other details are available from the registration confirmation statement (RCS) that was sent when the title was registered in your name. If you don't have this, a current title search will also supply this information.

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) order

You must provide evidence of the QCAT order. You may deposit the original sealed order or a copy (see following).

A copy of the document is acceptable, provided it is a good quality photocopy of the original that has been either:

  • properly certified as a true copy of the original by a justice of the peace, commissioner for declarations or an Australian lawyer
  • submitted in person at the time of lodgement, along with the original, at one of our Titles Registry offices or business centres. A departmental officer will compare the copy with the original, then return the original to you immediately.

Alternatively, where the evidence has been previously produced to the Titles Registry, the dealing number of the registered instrument under which the evidence has been deposited should be stated in the relevant item of the Titles Registry form.

Certification requirements for supporting evidence

If submitting a certified copy, the certification must be signed by the justice of the peace, commissioner for declarations or Australian lawyer and identify the full name and qualification/registration number of the certifying officer.

If the original document has more than 1 page, the certifying officer must either:

  • certify each page
  • sign or initial each page, number the pages as 1 of 40, 2 of 40 and so on (if the pages are not already numbered) and certify on the last page that 'this [number of pages]-page document (each page of which I have numbered and signed) is a true copy of the original [number of pages]-page document that I have sighted'.

Paper certificate of title

You do not need to return the paper certificate of title (if one has been issued) to record the notice of appointment.

Privacy statement

The information collected from Titles Registry forms is used to maintain publicly searchable records of Queensland Government agencies, local governments and water distribution entities. Read the Titles Registry privacy statement for more information.


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