National electronic conveyancing

Electronic conveyancing provides a single national online hub through which documents needed for property conveyancing can be digitally prepared, signed, settled and lodged.

Financial institutions and legal practitioners are now able to become subscribers.

Note: While electronic conveyancing offers substantial benefits and efficiencies, its use is not mandatory. You will still be able to lodge paper documents by e-lodgement, over the counter or by post.

How to subscribe

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) is the approved electronic lodgement network operator. Contact PEXA to find out how to subscribe.

How it works

Once you subscribe to PEXA, you can invite other subscribers into the workspace to complete the transaction electronically. If they decline the invitation, the transaction can proceed on paper.

If the other party is not a subscriber, let PEXA know. PEXA can contact non-subscribers and talk to them about becoming a subscriber.

Transactions involving paper certificates of title can still proceed electronically. You will need to return the paper certificate of title before proceeding to complete a transaction in PEXA.

You can find out how PEXA works and see videos of transactions in action at the PEXA website.

Lodgement hours

Lodgements will be accepted during current business hours, 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. However, your PEXA workspace is available for preparing lodgements 24 hours a day.

Transactions available through PEXA

The following transactions are available through PEXA:

  • Form 1 - Transfer (with limitations on the form of consideration)
  • National Mortgage Form
  • Form 3 - Release of mortgage
  • Form 11 - Caveat
  • Form 14 - Withdrawal of caveat
  • Priority notice
  • Extension of priority notice
  • Withdrawal of priority notice
  • Form 24 - Property information (transfer)
  • Form 25 - Foreign ownership information.

Benefits of e-conveyancing

Electronic conveyancing lets you complete property transactions in a faster, secure and more efficient way. Some of the benefits are:

  • Confirmation of lodgement and registration - you will receive immediate confirmation of your lodgement and be notified once the transaction is complete.
  • Financial settlement - you can settle transactions in a secure environment and pay duties, taxes and disbursements.
  • Requisitions - checks and verifications built into the PEXA system should significantly reduce the number of requisitions.
  • Number of settlements - you can settle multiple transactions at the same time.

Operating requirements and participation rules

Under the Electronic Conveyancing National Law (Queensland), the Registrar of Titles can determine the requirements for electronic lodgement networks and their operators, and set rules for participation in the networks. In some circumstances, the Registrar can waive compliance with these requirements.

Refer to the following for more information:

Also consider...

  • See the PEXA toolkit for information on assessing transfer duty.