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Electronic lodgement of title transactions (eLodgement)

eLodgement is a fast, easy and secure way for industry professionals and frequent lodgers to lodge Titles Registry forms online.

As well as lodging your forms, eLodgement also allows you to:

  • calculate and pay your fees
  • access receipts, lodgement summaries and registration confirmation statements.

Since its inception, 4 million documents have been lodged using eLodgement and more than 50% of total lodgements are now e-lodged. The eLodgement system has over 400 subscribers.

Benefits of using eLodgement

  • cost effective and efficient
  • all lodged documents stay in your office allowing immediate access to requisitioned dealings
  • reports, receipts, summaries and statements delivered straight to your reports page following lodgement
  • training and full ongoing support provided
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for preparatory and other work in the system

What forms can be lodged?

  • Form 1 - Transfer
  • National Mortgage Form
  • Form 3 - Release of mortgage
  • Form 4 - Record of death
  • Form 5 - Transmission application (grant in Queensland) (no original wills)
  • Form 5A - Transmission application (no grant in Queensland) (no original wills)
  • Form 7 - Lease/sub-lease
  • Form 8 - Surrender of lease
  • Form 9 - Easement
  • Form 11 - Caveat
  • Form 12 - Writ/warrant of execution
  • Form 13 - Amendment
  • Form 14 - General request
  • Form 18 - General consent
  • Form 20 - Schedule/enlarged panel/declaration
  • Priority notice
  • Extension of priority notice
  • Withdrawal of priority notice
  • Form 24 - Property information (transfer)
  • Form 25 - Foreign ownership information
  • Form 29 - Profit a prendre
  • Form 30 - Mortgage priority
  • Form 31 - Covenant

How to use eLodgement

You will be provided with a 'SecurID' token and password to access eLodgement.

No specialised software or hardware is required. All you need is a computer, scanner and internet access.

The scanner's capabilities must be set at 200dpi and produce Group 4 compressed multiple page TIFF (.tif) images.

With this equipment and a quick training session, you will be ready to use eLodgement.


The annual fee is $121. This covers the cost of a SecurID token, training and support.

eLodgement subscription and contact information

To subscribe to eLodgement, request an information pack or to make an enquiry about an administrative issue (for example agreement changes) please email

For eLodgement banking enquiries (for example payment of lodgements) please email

For eLodgement technical issues (for example password resets and issues with images) please email


Titles enquiries 1300 255 750