Electronic conveyancing

Electronic conveyancing (or eConveyancing) allows documents needed for property transactions to be digitally prepared, signed, settled and lodged.

Currently 2 approved service providers offer eConveyancing subscription services to financial institutions and legal practitioners:

For further information on how to subscribe and the transactions available, please contact the providers. Note: Not all transactions are available through all service providers..

Benefits of eConveyancing

eConveyancing offers substantial benefits and efficiencies and will replace many of the paper and manual processes that are currently used in traditional property transactions.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Confirmation of lodgement and registration - you will receive immediate confirmation of your lodgement and be notified once the transaction is complete.
  • Financial settlement - you can settle transactions in a secure environment and pay duties, taxes and disbursements.
  • Requisitions - checks and verifications built into the electronic conveyancing system should significantly reduce the number of requisitions.
  • Number of settlements - you can settle multiple transactions at the same time.

Operating requirements and participation rules

Under the Electronic Conveyancing National Law (Queensland), the Registrar of Titles can determine the requirements for electronic lodgement networks and their operators, and set rules for participation in the networks. In some circumstances, the Registrar can waive compliance with these requirements.

Refer to the following for more information:

Available transactions

The following transactions can be lodged using eConveyancing in Queensland, by one or more of the current electronic lodgement network operators (ELNOs). Please check with each ELNO as to which transactions can be lodged through their networks.

Fee simple transfers

  • to or from (as applicable) people, companies, trustees, personal representatives, State of Queensland, Commonwealth of Australia, charitable bodies, other organisations
  • all tenancy types
  • whole of the land, all lots on title (not timeshares or other undivided moieties)
  • all of the registered owners (not mortgagee or council sale, not minors)
  • for monetary consideration
  • by way of a gift or natural love and affection
  • due to retirement or appointment of a trustee
  • due to desire to change tenancy


  • mortgages over freehold land – whole of land and all of the owners
  • releases of mortgages over freehold land – whole of land and all of the owners


  • caveats
  • withdrawal of caveats

Priority notices

  • priority notices
  • extension of priority notices
  • withdrawal of priority notices

Other transactions

  • transmissions by death (probate obtained) – whole of the land


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