Mining, exploration and petroleum

To take advantage of Queensland's natural resource potential, your business needs to comply with regulations, be aware of the latest forms and fees, and make the most of the opportunities available to you.

Resources for your business

Make the most of resources available to help your business train and upskill your staff, comply with legislative requirements, and gain knowledge of Queensland's resource potential through data, statistics and other publications.

Opportunities for your business

A range of exploration opportunities are available to your business, including:

  • land release areas - temporarily created over untenured land where promising geophysical signatures were identified through the Smart Exploration program and the Smart Mining Future Prosperity program
  • calls for tenders - to explore for petroleum, geothermals, and greenhouse gas storage
  • exploration in the North West Queensland Mineral Province - a desirable exploration destination for mineral and energy resources
  • process and investment support resources.

Regulations, forms and fees

Queensland legislation provides a framework for tenures in the mineral, petroleum and gas, geothermal, and greenhouse gas storage industries in the state. Across all tenures, you should be aware of environmental and native title issues that have to be addressed before gaining a right to enter land.

The Mineral Resources Act 1989 grants and administers the following types of mining tenements in Queensland:

  • prospecting permit
  • exploration permit
  • mineral development licence
  • mining claim
  • mining lease.

The Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 or the Petroleum Act 1923 grants or administers:

  • authority to prospect 
  • petroleum lease.

The Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 grants or administers: 

  • data acquisition authority
  • petroleum survey licence
  • pipeline licence
  • petroleum facility licence
  • water monitoring authority.

Exploration for geothermal energy is carried out under the Geothermal Energy Act 2010, via a geothermal exploration permit.

A regional interests development approval (RIDA) may be required when a resource or regulated activity is proposed in an area of regional interest.

The 4 areas of regional interest identified in the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014are:

  • Priority Living Areas (PLAs)
  • Priority Agricultural Areas (PAAs)
  • Strategic Cropping Areas (SCAs), and
  • Strategic Environmental Areas (SEAs).

Learn more about areas of regional interest and the Regional Planning Interests Act and Regulation.

Emergency contacts

  • Petroleum and gas emergencies (for example pipeline ruptures; gas leaks, fires or explosions; a vehicle leaking Auto LPG): Call 000.
  • Explosives and fireworks: Do not handle explosives. If you find explosives, ring 1300 739 868 or your local police who will contact the Explosives Inspectorate.

Other contacts

  • Find important contact details for businesses in the mining, exploration and petroleum industry.

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