Queensland Digital Exploration Reports system (QDEX)

The Geological Survey of Queensland manages the company exploration reports collection using an internet document management system called QDEX (Queensland Digital Exploration Reports system).

Document collections available for viewing include exploration reports, collaborative drilling and industry network initiative reports, departmental publications, and soils and land resources reports. All reports lodged must be submitted digitally using the QDEX electronic lodgement system.

There are 2 ways to access the QDEX system:

  • as a guest user
  • as a registered user.

QDEX guest user (unregistered)

Unregistered users or guest users can view the descriptive elements, or metadata, relating to a report. A guest user can download or view report components and access 'public folders' containing reports considered of general interest to users of QDEX. Guest users are not able to save searches, create subscriptions, save reports to folders, or use the shopping cart function.

QDEX registered user (registered)

Registered QDEX users have the same access as a guest user as well as the ability to use the shopping cart function, lodge reports, create folders, and use the saved searches and subscriptions functions. Registration and use of QDEX is free.

Interactive publications list

User guides

A range of user guides are available to download:

Quick reference guides

Find out about how to download and search for information in QDEX:

Six-monthly petroleum production and reserves data reports are required to include these completed templates (ZIP, 30KB) as separate files.

Annual petroleum lease reports are required to include this template (ZIP, 7KB) for well status as a separate file.

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