Vessel monitoring system (VMS)

Fisheries Queensland uses a vessel monitoring system (VMS) to monitor and assess the position and activity of commercial fishing vessels (mainly trawl vessels). This includes monitoring the fishing quota (number of days-at-sea) that each vessel is allowed.

As well as monitoring use of fishing quota, a VMS unit can assist your commercial fishing operations by:

  • speeding up the transfer of information to Fisheries Queensland
  • helping you make more accurate assessments of your business's activity (particularly if you have more than 1 vessel)
  • helping Fisheries Queensland identify and deal with fishing operators who act illegally
  • providing location details of vessels during marine safety events.

This guide outlines your requirements for using VMS. It also explains how to perform a number of important tasks, such as installing, maintaining and transferring a VMS unit, and making manual reports (if your VMS malfunctions).

Last reviewed
March 13, 2014


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