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MinesOnlineMaps is our new GIS system that replaces the Interactive resource and tenure maps (IRTM) system.


  • provides you with greater access to view, query and analyse mines spatial information in an integrated, user friendly interface
  • allows you to zoom, pan, search and display geological data with mining and exploration permit information for the whole of Queensland
  • links to Queensland Digital Exploration Reports (QDEX Reports) systems, allowing you to list company reports for your project area based on historic exploration permits.

Features of MinesOnlineMaps

MinesOnlineMaps offers more functionality than the old IRTM system, with features including:

  • enhancements to support identification, monitoring and reporting of resource activity
  • quick and easy assessment of target resource areas by highlighting geographic constraints and barriers
  • self-service of publicly available permit and geoscience information.

Queensland Spatial Catalogue Download Portal

In September 2014, MinesOnlineMaps customers will gain access to improved integrated data downloads using the next-generation spatial information portal QSpatialCatalogue, which will combine the functions of the existing Queensland Government Information Service and the old Queensland Spatial Catalogue.

QSpatial Catalogue will access the same Mines GIS data as IRTM, however the data structure will change. Mines datasets will continue to be available for download from the 'IRTM data download' and 'Download GIS data' links under 'Information and Help' within MinesOnlineMaps, but only until late October 2014, after which both links will be retired.

Getting started with MinesOnlineMaps

  • A simple guide on how MinesOnlineMaps works is available on the 'Information and Help' button within the system.
  • Once you have accessed MinesOnlineMaps, a row of map tools will display above a map window, map layers will be listed down the left, and a map image will appear in the centre of the screen.
  • You can interact with this map image using the tools (e.g. to zoom in or identify features) and layers to display the spatial information of your choice.

Restricted areas

Maps of environmentally sensitive areas

  • When applying to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) for environmental authorities for mining activities, you are required under the Environmental Protection Regulation 1998, to identify environmentally sensitive areas within or adjacent to the proposed mining tenement.
  • MinesOnlineMaps identify some aspects of environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Maps of environmentally sensitive areas are available from EHP, allowing you to produce your own maps.

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